RP Rowlake
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This extraordinary machine has been created to provide upper body physical exercise for the user at the front and legs exercise for the user on the back, while cruising pleasurably on lakes and calm bay areas.

Built mostly with structural aluminum and steel tubes and sheets, and floating over two triple-layered pontoons, this stable machine is propelled, forward or backward, by the combined force of the rowing by the user at the front and the pedaling by the user on the back.

Two connected strong chains activate the motion of two paddle-wheels on the back. The steering is obtained by moving the handlebar with the user at the front's arms, a person that can be either an able-bodied individual or one of our friends with disabilities of the lower extremities. Both seats, and the front foot rests, are adjustable.

Maximum length: 9 feet Maximum width: 5 feet, 2 inches Weight: 175 lbs. This vehicle stays mounted, and is transported, on a customized trailer another beautiful piece of engineering.
Price $ 2,812.00
S&H  $ 299.00
Total $ 3,011.00