FI Splasher
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"The Great Battery-Powered Catamaran" With a global patent pending, it's a new vehicle for pleasurable cruising on lakes or calm bays.

Built mostly with structural aluminum and steel tubes and sheets floating over two-triple- layer pontoons, this stable machine is propelled forward or backward, by a propeller activated by a motor which is moved by 3 large-amperage batteries with power enough, with one single charge, to cruise for about five hours at 14 miles per hour.

It's steered by one of the users'arms, while both users are sitting comfortably. The front seat and the front foot rests are ajustable. The front seat could be occupied by an able-bodied individual or one person suffering with disabilities of the lower extremities.

Maximum length: 9 feet Maximum width: 5 feet, 2 inches Weight: 400 pounds A true marvel of engineering.! This machine stays mounted, and is transported, on a customized trailer.
Price $ 9,987.00
S&H  $ 299.00
Total $ 10,286.00