Arm Power X
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Ferez Industries, maker of Champiot, “The Great Riding Machines on Land and Lakes “presents, the twenty-first century's mobile rowing exerciser, The Champiot Armpower X, which was designed for our friends with disabilities of the lower region.

This rowing exerciser, The Armpower X, is made of structural steel and aluminum tubes, steel rods and a tractor seat, which has been built under precise engineering specifications to achieve optimal strength, stability and safety with minimal weight. The “Armpower X “ comes equipped with a strong chain and 4 wheels with inflatable tires: two twenty- inch diameter wheels in the rear and two sixteen- inch wheels in the front. It has been designed and produced as a very effective contribution to our friends who are suffering from paraplegia or other neurological, orthopedic, arthritic or vascular conditions affecting the lower body. However, this machine is also perfect for all our able-bodied friends.

The Champiot Armpower X is suitable for all persons 4’ to7’ feet tall with a maximum weight of 400 lbs. This machine provides an aerobic, exhilarating, OUTDOOR exercise that can be ENJOYED in, and on, all sidewalks, bike paths, parks and beaches of THE WORLD! It can be transported by any vehicle using the same bike racks that are used to transport bicycles.

Unlike other "cycle" products, the Champiot Armpower X is DRIVEN and STEERED by the handlebar. The vehicle movement, forward and backward, is achieved by the pushing and pulling of the handlebar with the hands and arms. The steering is obtained also by moving the handlebar in order to obtain a parallel motion of the front axle. It has conventional bicycle hand brakes, parking brake and a custom -made emergency brake. All of our machines are built in the United States, and are designed and created to last an entire life time. Maximum Length: 64" Maximum Height: 39" Maximum Width: 32" Weight: The equivalent of two adult bicycles.

Due to current sales volume, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.
Price $ 1,399.00
S&H  $ 99.00
Total $ 1,498.00